Track Availability

Some models were sold out last season and are listed as “out of stock”. These tracks are on order and will be coming but due to the “covid virus” production was delayed. Many of the components of the track are made in other countries and with various shutdowns around the world, it has affected our supply chain. This will be a problem for many items during these strange times so please bear with us as we try to find a way to supply rider demands.

We are scheduled to receive our first shipment for the 2020-2021 season sometime around the first week of October. This first container will be mainly trail and cross over tracks with a few M tracks.

The next container will be M tracks and it won’t be here until early December. This is later than we like but there will still be plenty of time for the riding season.

The tracks are on the way so keep an eye on the website as they will be listed when in stock. If you want to guarantee a track please call; we will take your order and send out the track as soon as it arrives.

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