Cross-country snowmobile tracks

Cross-country snowmobile tracks were designed specifically to be ridden in the deeper, looser snow out in the backcountry or even in mountain conditions with limited groomed trail riding. With a crossover sled, you’ll be able to forge your own trails through the powder, enjoying the freedom of backcountry riding and still have a track to get you home on the trail.
All you need to do is make sure your sled has the horsepower to get you through the deep snow. Despite its name, a cross-country snowmobile is a great vehicle for cruising the groomed snowy trails as well.
But getting a sled like this isn’t enough: you also need to find suitable crossover tracks for it. Composit offers plenty of choices made for the top manufacturers, so go ahead and explore all the available models and types of tracks on our website.

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  • Composit C35-138-2086 Snowmobile Track

    120x15x1.38 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit C35-138-2152 Snowmobile Track

    121x15x1.38 - pitch 2.52 - 2ply
  • Composit C35-138-3786 Snowmobile Track

    137x15x1.38 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit C38-150-2086 Snowmobile Track

    120x15x1.50 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit C38-150-2986 Snowmobile Track

    129x15x1.50 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit C45-177-2086 Snowmobile Track

    120x15x1.77 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit C45-177-2152 Snowmobile Track

    121x15x1.77 - pitch 2.52x` - 2ply
  • Composit C45-177-2852 Snowmobile Track

    128x15x1.77 - pitch 2.52 - 2ply
  • Composit C45-177-2986 Snowmobile Track

    129x15x1.77 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit C45-177-3786 Snowmobile Track

    137x15x1.77 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit C45-177-4686 Snowmobile Track

    146x15x1.77 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit C45-177-5486 Snowmobile Track

    154x15x1.77 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit M66-262-6535-3R Snowmobile Track

    165x15x2.62 pitch - pitch 3.50 - 2ply

Best Crossover Snowmobile Tracks for Every Brand & Size

Some of the leading suppliers of tracks are Arctic Cat, Ski-Doo, Yamaha, and Polaris, and we created one of the best snowmobile tracks in the market for these brands. Composit tracks come in different sizes, lengths, and heights to make sure you find the right one for your snowy adventure.

  • Arctic Cat Snowmobile Tracks: Arctic Cat is well known for producing crossover snowmobiles for riding in especially tough off-trail conditions.
  • Ski-Doo Snowmobile Tracks: If you’re looking for high-quality, durable crossover snowmobile tracks that could get you through the loose snow in the woods, our Ski-doo section is for you.
  • Yamaha Snowmobile Tracks: Yamaha is a reliable supplier of snowmobiles, as well. It’s no wonder it is one of the most successful brands in the industry and our snowmobile tracks meet their reliability standards.
  • Polaris Snowmobile Tracks: Polaris was the number one selling brand of snowmobiles for many years and our Composit tracks will be a perfect fit for them.

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