Polaris Snowmobile Tracks

Being a well-respected supplier of Polaris snowmobile tracks, we at Composit have many track models available for the leading brands in the industry – and Polaris is one of them.
Whether you’re a fan of sled-riding or are a first-timer to the sport , you should be confident in the vehicle itself and all the accessories that come along with it.
Check out the models and series of Polaris snowmobile tracks for sale we have in our assortment. We always make sure that our products are affordable, so start shopping now before you change your mind and decide to spend your vacation in bed.

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  • Composit C35-138-2086 Snowmobile Track

    120x15x1.38 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit C35-138-2152 Snowmobile Track

    121x15x1.38 - pitch 2.52 - 2ply
  • Composit C35-138-3786 Snowmobile Track

    137x15x1.38 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit C38-150-2086 Snowmobile Track

    120x15x1.50 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit C38-150-2986 Snowmobile Track

    129x15x1.50 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit C45-177-2086 Snowmobile Track

    120x15x1.77 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit C45-177-2152 Snowmobile Track

    121x15x1.77 - pitch 2.52x` - 2ply
  • Composit C45-177-2852 Snowmobile Track

    128x15x1.77 - pitch 2.52 - 2ply
  • Composit C45-177-2986 Snowmobile Track

    129x15x1.77 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit C45-177-3786 Snowmobile Track

    137x15x1.77 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit C45-177-4686 Snowmobile Track

    146x15x1.77 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit C45-177-5486 Snowmobile Track

    154x15x1.77 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Sale!

    Composit M66-262-3786-3R Snowmobile Track

    137x15x2.62 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply
  • Composit M66-262-5435-3R Snowmobile Track

    154x15x2.62 - pitch 3.50 - 2ply
  • Composit M66-262-5486-3R Snowmobile Track

    154x15x2.62 - pitch 2.86 - 2ply

Different Types of Polaris Tracks

Snowmobile tracks are not all the same. They have different purposes to suit riders’ needs. The things you should take into account when choosing snowmobile tracks are their length, width, lug or tread height, and pitch. You may also want to consider getting tunnel and/or rail extensions if installing a longer than stock track.
Besides, it’s important to pick the right model of Polaris snowmobile tracks based on the conditions, snow texture, and even your riding style.

  • Trail snowmobile tracks are for those who enjoy riding groomed trails. Such tracks are lightweight while providing super trail performance.
  • Cross-country snowmobile tracks when conditions seem to change a lot where you are, consider cross-country tracks for your snowmobile machine, as they are great for mixed conditions, such as fresh powder or hard-packed snow. Works great for off-trail riding with limited groomed trail riding.
  • Mountain snowmobile Tracks To challenge yourself on mountain terrain, you’ll need the right track that allows you the traction in deep powder and has great side-hilling performance..

Go to Composit.com to see the entire selection of tracks for the Polaris snowmobile sleds we’re offering. Whatever type of tracks you decide to go with, you’ll need to take some measurements of your sled first. In turn, we’ll find you a model that would fit your vehicle perfectly!

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