You need the right track for the right purpose.

We make your decision easy. We don’t overwhelm you with hundreds of choices. Composit track patterns have been developed for snow conditions that match your purpose and riding style and will fit nearly every modern snowmobile.

T28, T320, and T32S are TRAIL Tracks designed for hardpack groomed trails and yet still deliver snow traction.

C35, C38, and C45 are CROSS-OVER Tracks for limited groomed trail use and work best when going off-trail. Taller lugs need more snow.

M66, M67, and M770 are MOUNTAIN Tracks to work in the deep powder.

Trails and Ditches

The T28, T320, T32N, T32S, and T32NS trail tracks give you the best performance on hard-packed trails and in ditches where snow conditions are low. (1.10″ – 1.25″ lug)


The C35, C38, and C45 are great if you ride where the hard pack can turn to soft snow, this is where our crossover tracks shine. (1.38″ – 1.50″ – 1.77″ lug)

Mountain Riding

The M66, M67, and M770 mountain tracks are for serious side-hill riding, deep powder climbing, or boon-docking when the going gets steep. (2.62″ and 3.00″ lug)

Superior Construction

Composit tracks feature double-fabric ply construction that resists “ballooning” and stretching for increased efficiency.

Cold weather flexibility offers low rolling resistance and quick acceleration. These tracks are extremely durable and stud friendly. Plus, they have a 2-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects*. Fits most Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo, and Yamaha snowmobiles.

*Warranty depends on track model.

Easy Ordering

It’s easy to pick out the track you need. Find out what size track your sled takes and choose the Composit track that fits your riding style and your sled.