Arctic cat snowmobile track size chart

Finding the right tracks for your Arctic Cat snowmobile will be much easier with our Arctic Cat snowmobile track size chart. If you aren’t sure about the length, width, lug height, and pitch of your tracks, you can easily find it in our table. We will tell you how to use it correctly below.

How to Use Our Arctic Cat Snowmobile Track Fitment Chart

This fitment guide is intended as a general reference for fitting tracks to your Arctic Cat snowmobile. Please keep in mind that a proper fit is not limited to length, width, and so on. It is also important to consider the conditions in which you most often ride. For example, one model of the track will work for trail riding and another for off-trail or mountain riding.
Now let us go back to our size chart. All models are listed here in alphabetical order. To find the model you need, scroll through the table and find your snowmobile model in the left column. If you see several models with the same name in the fitment chart, and you are unsure which one is yours, focus on the year of manufacture. Once you find your model, write down the height and pitch of the lugs. And it is done!
If you have any questions or do not understand how to use our guide, we are happy to help you. Just call us, and our manager will answer any questions.