Composit C38-150-2986 Snowmobile Track

SKU: C38-150-2986 Pitch:2.86


C38-150-2986 45 pounds: A cross-over track for riders who demand corner to corner acceleration on the trail yet need off trail capability in soft, loose snow. Asymmetric lug pattern provides excellent grip, braking, and easy handling. Reinforced side lugs, fully clipped, and 2 ply construction increase stability and maneuverability on hard pack trails and in tight turns. The C38 is a great solution for some groomed trail riding mixed with off trail boondocking.

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C38 Fitment Table

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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 16 in
Track Size 1.5 Lug

120x15x1.50, pitch 2.86, 121x15x1.50, pitch 2.52, 128x15x1.50, pitch 2.52, 129x15x1.50, pitch 2.86, 136x15x1.50, pitch 2.52, 137x15x1.50, pitch 2.86, 144x15x1.50, pitch 2.52, 146x15x1.50, pitch 2.86, 151x15x1.50, pitch 2.52, 156x15x1.50, pitch 2.52

Pitch 2.86
Size 129x15x1.50

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  1. Steven

    I tried a C38 track on my lynx enduro 600R. Original track (camso cobra) wont last with my driving style. I also drive semi-pro cross-country races here in Finland. Recommend!

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Take You There and Bring You Home!

  • Designed for trail, cross country, or powder depending on model.
  • T = Trail, C = Cross Over, and M = Mountain.
  • Double ply construction resists ballooning for increased efficiency.
  • Exceptional durability and stud friendly.
  • Cold temp flexibility offers low rolling resistance and quick acceleration.
  • Warranty against manufacturer defects.

Fits Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo, Yamaha. Simply order the size that fits your machine (check your OEM manual for correct track size and pitch).

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