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Effective February 2021 if a track is listed as out of stock there won’t be anymore until next season. We plan to start receiving tracks in late summer but have no idea at this time what tracks will be on which shipments or what month they will arrive. We will list an inventory of first container when we get waybill but that won’t happen until a 8-10 weeks before container arrives.

We have found that many riders do not adjust their tracks properly when installing the M series models. The 2 ply deep snow tracks with high lugs should not be run loose. Adjust to the factory specs and even a tad bit more will not hurt. This will keep the track from oscillating at certain speeds, make better contact with the drive sprockets, and improve overall efficiency and performance.

High Speed: M tracks have heavy, deep lugs that create a lot of momentum and force when spinning at higher speeds. Running down hard pack or icy trails at high speeds can cause lugs to separate from the belt. To insure the best life of your deep snow track it is recommended to keep speeds down in these conditions to a maximum 70 mph on 2.62″ lug models and 60 mph on 3.00″ lug models.

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Composit is a fast growing company producing tracks since 1992 and in 2010 we started production for worldwide snowmobile manufacturers (Arctic Cat, BRP, Polaris, and Yamaha). We have a complete in-house R&D department, our own production of unique rubber compounds with production facilities located in Russia. Our sales offices are located in the USA, Sweden, and Russia. In 2014 we started sales in the USA through our U.S. distribution office.

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Making tracks is a very difficult process which takes experience and knowledge to produce a track for today’s high powered sleds. Since 1992 our R&D department has been testing new ideas and technology to improve our tracks. We source items worldwide as we continue to use the best components available to produce tracks that will meet our demanding standards.

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Using the experience and advice of top riders throughout the world in real riding conditions has proven to give us the best product available. Our cross over tracks (C35, C38, and C45) were tested in rough off-trail conditions for durability and loose snow traction. Trail tracks (T28, T32, and T32S) have been tested in the most extreme weather conditions throughout the world for several years and on icy, hard pack trails. The mountain tracks (M66 and M67) have been tested and ridden in various mountain conditions in Europe and the USA. Feel confident in purchasing a track that you can count on to Take You There and Get You Home!

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We use 2 ply construction on all of our tracks for better durability and reliable performance. Some manufacturers offer 1 ply to save money by eliminating a layer of fabric and rubber. Less material = less cost but you cannot eliminate a component of the track and keep the same long term strength.

We also offer full metal clips on all trail/crossover models for increased performance.

So to answer the question, we will be slightly heavier than a 1 ply track but feel the gain of less ballooning (stretch) and durability outweigh the single ply features for the majority of snowmobile riders.

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All model tracks have a 2-year limited warranty from the date of purchase by the original purchaser under normal recreational use. You can read more here.

This won’t be in person but as close as we can get with covid issues. The Big East Powersports Show is featuring a digital edition October 1-6 on their Face Book page. Check it out and we will have a live podcast at 1:30 CST Saturday featuring some track details. Will also be offered for viewing at SnowGoer.com if you prefer.

We have dealers across the USA and are continue to add new dealers. Dealers are encouraged to carry some inventory for your inspection and buying ease. It is always the best policy to support your local dealer for all your snowmobile needs.

Our dealers have full information and you can find a dealer near you with the dealer locator on our website. If your local dealer is not listed on the locator, tell them to contact us and we will set them up to carry Composit tracks. 

We planned to be at select Snow Shows across the snow belt in 2020 but this year the Covid-19 situation has put an end to most of them. 




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You may check out as a guest, however by registering you can review your order status by logging in.

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Refer to your snowmobile dealer, owner’s manual, or check online for your particular model. We have a fitment guide that we can help you decide but in the case of used sleds, you want to be sure previous owners did not change to a different length or pitch.

All Composit tracks are 15″ wide and for Summit riders these will fit perfectly in place of your 16″ wide track. Simply choose the correct length/pitch that your sled requires and then choose the lug height that best fits your needs and will still give you adequate tunnel clearance.

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Track construction consists of fabric all through the entire internal surface of the track. While riding, the track is exposed to the friction of ice, hard snow, tunnel of the sled and other surfaces. A slight bit of fabric showing on the edges and inside in the track windows is normal and has no effect on durability. These threads can be trimmed off easily with a utility knife or with the careful use of a small propane torch for a clean appearance.

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If the track was purchased from a dealer, contact him first. If the track was purchased from our online shop, please contact us by phone 218-334-3811 or through our contact form. More details of return can be found here.

Shipping and handling rates vary depending on the destination of the order and the total weight/size of the box. All shipping costs are calculated using UPS shipping module and will be shown on your order before you checkout.

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